UHD-TS HEVC and AVC TS File Playout for Broadcast / IPTV / OTT

HEVC / AVC TS playout with processing

24/7 TS streaming in Ultra HD - HEVC / AVC Dual TSoIP low-jitter outputs TS bitrate, PID, PCR, CC and GOP processing Playout scheduler and playlist loop
General Details
UHD-TS is an easy to use and affordable Ultra HD compressed video playout server for professional broadcast or streaming applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IPTV networks, telco operators, and field experimentation.

UHD-TS supports HEVC and AVC transport stream files, either in HD, full-HD or Ultra HD including HDR files. Video and audio PID’s can be selected and remapped for SPTS over UDP or RTP multicast streaming.

Secured by multiple HDD drives in RAID configuration, redundant power supplies and carrier-grade built quality, the UHD-TS can be used in any field or head-end situations either for UHD migration validation, or long test run, and even 24/7 broadcast playout with an optional scheduler.

BBright’s advanced technology and field proven know-how enable the UHD-TS playout server to deliver uncompromised streaming reliability for the most demanding 4K / Ultra HD workflow and linear channel.


  • All video resolutions up to Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Frame rates : 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60fps
  • Max. TS rate: 60Mbps / CBR streaming
  • Bit rate adaptation (null-packet stuffing; addition or removal)
  • PCR, continuity-counter correction at TS transitions
  • GOP cleaning for HEVC and AVC based TS
  • PID re-mapping (1x video – 3x audio)
  • Un-modified  (raw) TS playback mode also available
  • Playlist looping mode
  • 24/7 playout event scheduler in GUI (or external playlist control) [option]

File Ingest and Support

  • 1TB (RAID 1) or 3TB (RAID 5) [option] content storage on HDD’s
  • SPTS and MPTS ingest through GbE port (FTP / NAS) or USB drive
  • Video Codec:
    HEVC / H.265
    MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
    – MPEG-2 (on request)
  • HDR compatibility: PQ10, HLG
  • Container: .ts


  • Audio Codec support:
    – AAC, HE-AAC (v1 & v2), AAC-LC / MPEG-1 Layer II / PCM
    – Dolby AC-3, E-AC-3, AC-4 (pass-through)


  • One SPTS over IP in UDP or RTP / Multicast
  • TS duplication on a secondary Multicast address
  • VLAN support

UHD-TS rear view

  • Please contact directly BBright support to obtain the product user manual
Hardware Options

  • Additional storage: four 1TB HDD drives; [n+1] RAID 5 configuration for extended playout capability
  • DVB-ASI output board (on request)

Software Options

  • Playout event scheduler: manually via web-based GUI (or external playlist import).
  • Multiple SPTS output (on request)