Video solutions

TEST: UHD-Play, quad 3G-SDI Ultra-HD uncompressed file player for labs and field trials
  • Input: files ingest (ProRes, XAVC,  VC3, YUV, DPX, TIFF, H.264, H.265, etc…)
  • Function: Ultra HD baseband player
  • Outputs: 4x 3G-SDI  [Level A/B, 2-SI]
PLAYOUT: UHD-24/7, Baseband Video Production Playout for Broadcast / IPTV head-ends
  • Input: files ingest (XAVC,  H.264, H.265 Intra or Long-GOP, ProRes)
  • Function: Ultra HD integrated playout with scheduler and logo insertion
  • Outputs: 4x 3G-SDI  [Level A/B, 2-SI]
DELIVERY: UHD-TS, HEVC and AVC Transport Stream file playout for linear UHD channel
  • Input: Transport Stream files ingest
  • Function: HEVC/AVC Transport Stream 24/7 playout with scheduler
  • Output: TS over IP  [UDP]
CONTENT PROCESSING: HEVC-Master, 4K / Ultra HD offline file transcoder in HEVC 10-bit, SDR and HDR
  • Input: files ingest (ProRes, XAVC, VC3, YUV, DPX, TIFF, H.264, etc…)
  • Function: offline encoder/transcoder
  • Output: HEVC Transport Stream files
INGEST: UHD-TSI, HEVC Transport Stream recorder for Live Ultra HD channels
  • Input: redundant TSoverIP ports
  • Function: TS ingest / time delay server (option)
  • Output: Transport Stream files / TS streaming (option)