BMedia Production Server

Markets and Use Cases

4K Live Events HDR productions with mix of SDR/HDR feeds 1080p HDR Live Productions 4K Studios  


HD / HD HDR / UHD HDR SDR/HDR Conversions Local Storage Main & Secondary outputs SDI & SMPTE 2110 inputs and outputs S9P, Web UI & Rest API Controls Multi-Codec and Multi-Wrapper file support Key & Fill
General Details

BMedia production server is designed to achieve highest quality live production, up to Ultra HD with HDR support. BMedia production server can support either SMPTE 2110 or SDI inputs and outputs, and handle most of video codecs & wrappers to accept a large number of media file formats. Designed for on the field and OB-Truck operations, our BMedia production server can be controlled by most of industry remote controllers, but also through BBright web UI or Rest API to achieve a higher level of integration.

BMedia Production Server diagram

Designed to make UHD and HDR production easy, BMedia support SDR-HDR crossed conversion using Technicolor I.T.M. technology (Intelligent Tone Mapping) in real time to allow the mix of SDR and HDR live sources and file inputs.
The BBright User Interface make the installation and integration quick and easy.

BMedia Production Server gui




  • Multi-Codec support: XAVC / HEVC / J2K / H264 / MPEG2 / ProRes
  • Wrapper: mxf, mp4, TS, mov
  • HD, HD 1080p HDR & UHD HDR support
  • 720p/1080i @ 50/59.94fps
  • 1080p @ 50/59.94fps
  • 2160p @ 50/59.94fps


  • Up to 16 Audio Channels
  • AAC/HE-AAC/MPEG1 LayerII decoding
  • Dolby DD / DD+ / DD+JOC / E decoding


  • HLG / HDR10 / SL-HDR1 / SL-HDR2
  • Technicolor ITM SDR / HDR live conversion


  • 4 layers, still logos (.png, .tga, .tiff, .gif, .flv, .targa, .html5
  • Built-in UHD Keyer

Closed Captions & Subtitles

  • Live CC and DVB Sub (Control A & Newfor)


  • SDI up to UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to UHD (25Gb NIC)


  • SDI up to UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to UHD (25Gb NIC)
  • Genlock (SDI) & PTP Support (2110)


  • S9P over RS422 or IP
  • Web UI
  • Dynamic playlist
  • RestAPI

Internal Storage

  • Up to 12 x 1TB in Raid 5
  • Ingestfromexternal NAS or FTP


  • 1 RU Chassis, up to 7TB Raid 5 Storage
  • 2 RU Chassis, up to 13TB Raid 5 Storage
  • Redundantpower supplies (hot swappable)
Ordering Options
Type Reference Description Compatibility
Appliances BPS_1RU UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / ProRes / AVC, 1RU (up to 3 IO options), 7TB of Raid5 Storage X
BPS_2RU UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / ProRes / AVC, 2RU (up to 5 IO options), 13TB of Raid5 Storage X
Hardware Options BPS_4x3GSDI 4x3GSDI input or output option X X
BPS_4x3GSDI_KEYER 4x3GSDI input/output option with builtin keyer – Easy integration with third party channel branding system (HD or UHD) X X
BPS_8x3GSDI 8x3GSDI input or output option X X
BPS_2110 SMPTE 2110 Dual SFP 25Gbits/s option (up to 2 UHD in / 2 UHD out) X X
BPS_10GSFP Dual SFP NIC / 10Gbits/s X X
Software Options BPS_HD Support video up to HD (720p/1080i) SDR X X
BPS_HD+ Support video up to HD (1080p) HDR X X
BPS_UHD Support video up to UHD HDR X X
BPS_PLAYLIST Dynamic playlist control X X
BPS_S9P Sony 9 Pin Slave Option (RS422+IP) X X
BPS_LIVE_B_IN Live baseband input option (up to 1x UHD) X X
BPS_DOLBY_AUDIO Dolby DD / DD+ / Atmos / E / AC4 decoding option X X
BPS_LOGO Logo insertion – Up to four layers of logo X X
BPS_UPSCALE HD to UHD upscaling X X
BPS_HDRCONV_TECH Live SDR/HDR or HDR/SDR cross conversion X X