UHD-Channel Video Production Server and Full-HD, UHD channel Playout

Evolutive UHD playout with embedded graphics and HDR support

XAVC-I / AVC pivot files VDCP or REST API or ext. remote controls HDR support, signalization and live conversions Quad 3G-SDI outputs [or ST-2110 option]
General Details

UHD-Channel is the first product issued from the newest BBright’s B-Media software-based video processing architecture. Based on BBright’s legacy of ease of operation, intuitive GUI design, cost effective Ultra HD solution, B-Media video architecture will change the perception typically associated to UHD complexity.

UHD-Channel adds workflow flexibility for interfacing with an external automation, logo insertion, various HDR video format playout and signalization, advert replacement. The video engine allows live SDR < > HDR conversions for inserted graphics and secondary output.

UHD-Channel secured solution delivers the expected reliability and availability in any conditions for 24-7 continuous Ultra HD playout or live production.

BBright’s advanced software-based processing enables the daily delivery of pristine video and audio quality for the most demanding Ultra HD workflows and channels.
BBright-UHD-Channel diagram (1500 x 419pix)


Ultra HD Pivot Format Source

  • Video Codec:
    – XAVC-I (up to class 480), .mxf container
    – AVC / H.264 Intra only, .mp4 container
  • Audio Codec:
    – PCM / Pass-through, 24-bit @ 48KHz
  • File ingest:
    – through 10 GbE or playout while ingest from NAS

Media Engine – Video

  • Ultra HD (3840 x 2160p) or full-HD (1920 x 1080p) processing
  • 720p and 1080p resolutions up-scale to UHD
  • Frame rates: 23.98 to 60fps (allowing frame rate conversions for multiple)
  • Native HDR10 (PQ – SMPTE 2084) and HLG support
  • 4:2:2 chroma sampling,10-bit color depth / WCG Rec. 2020

Live Inputs

  • Interfaces: HD-SDI/quad 3G-SDI, and options for TSoIP (UDP – RTP) or ST-2110
  • Either HD with built-in upscale or Ultra HD native

Media Engine – Ancillary Data and Metadata

  • Time Codes (server’s time or file-based)
  • CEA 608 / 708 Close Captions and OP47 subtitle support
  • External .stl and .srt subtitle file support
  • SDR subtitles or logos real-time conversion and insertion into HDR output
  • HDR signalization

Graphics and Color Engine

  • Multiple still logos (.png, .tga, .tiff formats): X / Y positions with 4x Alpha layers and insertion time offsets

Output Formating

  • Baseband quad 3G-SDI outputs as standard; with optional Secondary SDI outputs in Ultra HD
    or downscaled HD
  • SMPTE-2110 baseband over IP [option]
    – ST-2110-10/20/30/40 support
    – NMOS discovery and registration
  • Compressed HEVC/H.265 encoded TSoIP output (On Roadmap)

Ease of Operation

  • Intuitive Web-based GUI (with light or dark color themes)
    – Playout preview and N+1 file check
    – Comprehensive and easy to understand alarms and logs
    – On-the-field firmware and license updates
  • As Run Log reporting
  • Genlock (bi-level / tri-level) reference sync clock input

Playout Control and Automation

  • VDCP (serial RS422) as standard
  • BBright’s REST API, compliant with external automation software
  • Event-based scheduler with internal playout automation
    (On Roadmap)
Hardware options

  • 12x 3G-SDI inputs/outputs card
  • ST-2110 inputs/outputs
  • Dual TSoIP inputs (RTP – UDP)
  • VDCP serial control / 9-pin control RS422 card
  • Dual 10GbE ports on SFP/fiber interface