Rennes office

Rennes office

BBright delivers Advanced Media Processing and Monitoring products to the professional video industry.

BBright company focuses on unstoppable media transitions towards 4K – Ultra HD, Full-HD/1080p, HEVC, HDR, NGA, multiscreen and content delinearization. BBright develops high-end software-based technologies running on broadcast-grade appliances or VM. Advanced Media processing solutions are available for Live Ingest and baseband Playout, TS-based/Compressed Playout, professional Contribution and Monitoring Decoders and reference Test and QC systems.

BBright serves various Tier #1 customers worldwide such as broadcast equipment manufacturers, UHD / 4K / 8K content vendors, video network operators (Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable), Telco operators (IPTV) and public or private TV channels.

The company is privately held and was founded in 2013 in Rennes – France.


BBright leadership team is composed of video industry experts.

Guillaume ARTHUIS, co-founder and CEO:
Prior to creating BBright, Guillaume was the head of the R&D team at Doremi Labs. He then moved to an Innovation and New Business Creation role at Doremi.
He is a SUPELEC engineer.

Grasse office

Grasse office

Gaël MARTIN, R&D Director:
Prior to joining BBright, Gaël has worked in different roles for several video processing leading companies such as ATEME, ENVIVIO ENENSYS.
He is a SUPELEC engineer.

Laurent APPERCEL, Marketing and Business Development Director:
Prior to joining BBright, Laurent has worked mostly in the video related semiconductor business as product marketing for companies such as Philips Semiconductors, STMicroelectronics, Silicon Labs.
He is an ESIEE engineer and holds a Mastère of Marketing from ESSEC.


BBright is an Associate Member of the Ultra HD Forum (


BBright key milestones:

Sept. 2013   BBright company creation.
June 2014   Ultra HD – HEVC live encoder prototype used during Roland-Garros Tennis Open.
Sept. 2014   IBC, first BBright Ultra HD – HEVC commercial live encoder unveiled.
Jan. 2015    UHD-Play starts to sell.
June 2015   UHD-Play and SLED-4K used for internal IPTV during Roland-Garros Tennis Open.
Nov. 2015    UHD-TS starts to sell.
Apr. 2016     NAB, UHD-Play embarks SDR to HDR up-conversion software.
May 2016    Broadcast Asia, UHD-24/7 playout feeds MEASAT Ultra HD demo loop.
June 2016   UHD-24/7 starts to sell.
Sept 2016    IBC, FUNBOX Ultra HD channel uses UHD-24/7 as daily playout baseband source.
Jan. 2017    UHD-TS used as HEVC TS playout source for Travelxp UHD channel in HDR – HLG.
Mar. 2017    UHD-TSI starts to sell for contribution recording application.
June 2017   UHD-24/7 used for evening/late night replay of Roland-Garros Tennis Open UHD channel.
Sept. 2017   IBC, UHD-Decode starts to sell for contribution decoding application.
Oct. 2017     Multi-TS starts to sell for multiple SD, HD IPTV channels application.
Feb. 2018    UHD-Play supports High Frame Rate (HFR) baseband playback from 100 fps up to 240 fps.
Apr. 2018     NAB, UHD-QC video player for UHD files Quality Control operations unveiled.
May 2018     BCA, Mini-TS , 3x UHD channel TSoIP streaming lab source launched.
July 2018     UHD-Decode used to monitor FIFA Worldcup contribution link
Sept. 2018   IBC, 5-Year Company Anniversary!
Oct. 2018     UHD-Decode large volume shipment.
Apr. 2019     NAB, UHD-Channel video production server/live playout market introduction
Jun. 2019    UHD-Decode used for contribution decoding & monitoring during the Women Soccer World Cup
Mar. 2020    UHD-Decode, market first HEVC Pro decoder to support Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos decoding