Rennes office

Rennes office

BBright delivers Advanced Media Processing and Monitoring products to the professional video industry.

BBright company focuses on unstoppable media transitions towards 4K – Ultra HD, Full-HD/1080p, HEVC, HDR, NGA, multiscreen and content delinearization. BBright develops high-end software-based technologies running on broadcast-grade appliances or VM. Advanced Media processing solutions are available for Live Ingest and baseband Playout, TS-based/Compressed Playout, professional Contribution and Monitoring Decoders and reference Test and QC systems.

BBright serves various Tier #1 customers worldwide such as broadcast equipment manufacturers, UHD / 4K / 8K content vendors, video network operators (Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable), Telco operators (IPTV) and public or private TV channels.

The company is privately held and was founded in 2013 in Rennes – France.

BBright is Member of the Ultra HD Forum (

BBright key milestones:

Sept. 2013   BBright company creation.
June 2014   Ultra HD – HEVC live encoder prototype used during Roland-Garros Tennis Open.
Sept. 2014   IBC, first BBright Ultra HD – HEVC commercial live encoder unveiled.
Jan. 2015    UHD-Play starts to sell.
June 2015   UHD-Play and SLED-4K used for internal IPTV during Roland-Garros Tennis Open.
Nov. 2015    UHD-TS starts to sell.
Apr. 2016     NAB, UHD-Play embarks SDR to HDR up-conversion software.
May 2016    Broadcast Asia, UHD-24/7 playout feeds MEASAT Ultra HD demo loop.
June 2016   UHD-24/7 starts to sell.
Sept 2016    IBC, FUNBOX Ultra HD channel uses UHD-24/7 as daily playout baseband source.
Jan. 2017    UHD-TS used as HEVC TS playout source for Travelxp UHD channel in HDR – HLG.
Mar. 2017    UHD-TSI starts to sell for contribution recording application.
June 2017   UHD-24/7 used for evening/late night replay of Roland-Garros Tennis Open UHD channel.
Sept. 2017   IBC, UHD-Decode starts to sell for contribution decoding application.
Oct. 2017     Multi-TS starts to sell for multiple SD, HD IPTV channels application.
Feb. 2018    UHD-Play supports High Frame Rate (HFR) baseband playback from 100 fps up to 240 fps.
Apr. 2018     NAB, UHD-QC video player for UHD files Quality Control operations unveiled.
May 2018     BCA, Mini-TS , 3x UHD channel TSoIP streaming lab source launched.
July 2018     UHD-Decode used to monitor FIFA Worldcup contribution link
Sept. 2018   IBC, 5-Year Company Anniversary!
Oct. 2018     UHD-Decode large volume shipment.
Apr. 2019     NAB, UHD-Channel video production server/live playout market introduction
Jun. 2019    UHD-Decode used for contribution decoding & monitoring during the Women Soccer World Cup
Mar. 2020    UHD-Decode, market first HEVC Pro decoder to support Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos decoding
June. 2020    UHD-Decode, new demonstration of high density decoding (8ch.) over SMPTE 2110, HEVC & J2K.
August. 2020    UHD-Channel now supports live Technicolor HDR conversions and SL-HDR1&2, up to UHD.