BBright Monitoring solution

BBright Monitoring solution is a universal multichannel monitoring decoder and analyser designed for HD / Full HD and Ultra HD video, audio and metadata monitoring. With support for 2110, SDI, ASI, SRT & TS over IP inputs, the BBright Monitoring solution can be deployed in broadcast centers and master control rooms, but can also be used for remote production and remote monitoring of contribution flows.

Visuel MCR

Ready to work with contribution feeds up to Ultra HD, HDR, and NGA audio, the BBright Monitoring solution provides a complete set of monitoring information through its intuitive WEB interface: video preview, audio bars, audio metadata displays (including Dolby DD / DD + / Dolby E / ED2 and AC4), ETR 290 alarm, and ancillary/metadata data analysis.

This software-based monitoring solution is available in multiple configurations to perform simultaneously compressed (TS/SRT/ASI) and baseband (2110 and SDI) signal analysis and monitoring.

BBright’s advanced network connectivity (such as VLAN support) makes it easy to integrate Monitoring solution into complex and remote network deployments.

BBright RMD Diagram

Why is our Monitoring solution unique?

Most monitoring solutions are limited to verifying the conformity of signals, but it is becoming increasingly essential to also be able to access live content: check and listen to audio, view video, ensure the presence of metadata. With its log system, all alarms are stored and accessible via the web interface or via API to integrate the BBright Monitoring solution into your existing workflow.

The BBright RMD is available as:

  • Appliance,
  • VM,
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Monitoring Solution Presentation

Welcome to BBright Monitoring Solution presentation! This solution is a unique troubleshooting tool aimed to verify and check your live content remotely, up to Ultra HD!

BBright Monitoring solution Datasheet

For further details, download the product datasheet:


SRT LogoBecause the transport of contribution streams is evolving, the BBright Monitoring solution natively supports the SRT protocol to allow you to also benefit from transport streams over the internet. A simple and effective solution to optimize your operating costs.