BBright Integrated Playout

BBright Integrated Playout is a software-based media platform designed to address high-end ingest, playout and channel applications, up to Ultra HD. Based on BBright’s legacy of ease of operation, intuitive Graphic User Interface design, cost effective Ultra HD solution, BBright Integrated Playout will change the perception typically associated to UHD complexity. Our solution is designed to support either legacy SDI or ST-2110 IOs, but also transport stream over IP inputs to offer a maximum of flexibility. BBright Integrated Playout can either process 4 HD or 1 Ultra HD Channel.

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Make live ingest & playout simple!

BBright Integrated Playout adds workflow flexibility for interfacing with an external automation, logo insertion, various HDR video format ingest & playout and signalization, advert replacement. With the integration of Technicolor ITM (Intelligent Tone Management), the video engine allows live SDR < > HDR conversions for baseband input, media files and inserted graphics.

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BBright Integrated Playout secured solution delivers the expected reliability and availability in any conditions for 24-7 continuous Ultra HD playout or live production.

BBright’s advanced software-based processing enables the daily delivery of pristine video and audio quality for the most demanding Ultra HD workflows and channels.

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The integrated BBight playout has a unique recording engine, capable of storing your video in the best quality (XAVC Class300), up to 16 audio tracks, but also preserving all of your metadata in the form of SMPTE436.

Integrated Playout presentation

Welcome to BBright Integrated Playout presentation! Watch the video to discover the key features of our solution.

BBright Integrated Playout Datasheet

For further details, download the product datasheet:


Integrated Playout testimonials

“The collaboration with BBright is yet another example that Technicolor’s HDR technologies are the most suited for Broadcasters that want to easily and cost efficiently produce HDR live content”

Thomas Bohan

HDR Program President

“Their live broadcast and production solutions are truly innovative. […] As BBright continues to grow, our codecs will be right there to meet their every need”

Deacon Johnson

Senior Vice President, Technology Licensing & Strategy