BBright TS-Playout

BBright TS-Playout is an easy to use and cost effective compressed video playout server for professional broadcast or streaming applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable networks, or telco/IPTV operators and playout facilities. TS-Playout is available as an appliance or virtualized (VMware) for cloud deployment.

TS-Playout supports H.265 / H.264 / MPEG-2 TS files, either for PIP, SD, HD, full-HD or UHD channels. Video and audio PID’s can be selected and remapped for multiple SPTS over UDP or RTP multicast streaming.

Master Control Room visual

Secured by HDD drives in RAID configuration, redundant power supplies and carrier-grade built quality, the TS-Playout can work in any network or head-end situations for 24 -7 linear playout with an optional integrated scheduler and playout event automation.

BBright’s advanced technology and field proven know-how enable the TS-Playout server to deliver uncompromised compressed playout reliability for multiple and mixed resolution linear channels with a scalable license scheme.

BBright transport stream player is also available as single channel solution for high end playout where content must be secured and isolated for each channel. All HDR formats are supported, including HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision.

BBright TS Playout Diagram

Optimize your operating costs by dispensing with a distribution encoder!

Why re-encode the same content several times in real time? Thanks to BBright’s compressed playout, which allows you to natively ingest and read transport stream files, you can directly feed your headend without having to use a live distribution encoder. Simple and efficient.

BBright TS-Playout Datasheet

For further details, download the product datasheet:


TS-Playout testimonials

“The BBright TS-Playout has perfectly met our expectations. Both dense and easy to integrate into our existing workflow”

Benoît Elshout

Broadcast engineer

“Thanks to the responsiveness of their support teams and their excellent reliability, we were able to very quickly offer new stream generation services to our customers”

Michael Benhamou


“Being a pioneer in 4K HLG HDR content, Travelxp is proud to team up with another pioneer like BBright. Their fast and efficient technical support is ensuring the best quality of service”

Prashant Chothani