BBright Decoder

BBright Decoder is a universal (HEVC / H264 / MPEG2 / J2K) multichannel contribution and monitoring decoder designed for professional Broadcast applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable, OTT operators and IPTV networks. With is a wide spectrum of codecs and IO formats, BBright Decoder is the ultimate media gateway to handle latest IP workflows.

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BBright Decoder supports HEVC (up to 160mbps), J2K (up to 400mbps), H264 and mpeg2 transport stream input over IP or DVB-ASI. Video, Audio and Metadatas are output over SMPTE-2110, quad 3G-SDI links, 12G-SDI, or HDMI 2.0b.

This software-based decoder, with adjustable latency, can be used in any live conditions either for sport events contribution and for various 24-7 broadcast monitoring applications. Multiple HD, high bit rate HEVC & AVC streams and Dolby(TM) DD, DD+, ATMOS, E, ED2, AC-4 audio streams are supported.

Thanks to foolproof interoperability, this decoder will allow you to interface with any type of contribution source, with complete confidence.

BBright Decoder Diagram

Contribution Decoder presentation

Welcome to BBright Decoder presentation! Watch the video to discover the key features of our solution and how you can now combine it with our Contribution Encoder!

BBright Decoder Datasheet

For further details, download the product datasheet:


SRT LogoBecause the transport of contribution streams is evolving, the BBright Decoder natively supports the SRT protocol to allow you to also benefit from transport streams over the internet. A simple and effective solution to optimize your operating costs.

Decoder testimonials

“We were seduced by BBright’s technological quality when evaluating our new contribution decoding platforms”

Ralph Atlan Content CTO

Pierre Maillat Technical Architect

“BBright Decoder is a great help to decode streams not decoded by other decoders”

Nicolas Serres

Deputy Engineering and System Integration Director

“Our partnership with BBright and the implementation of their Decoder underscore our commitment to quality. With BBright’s advanced technology, we can validate our distribution video feeds with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring that our viewers receive content that exceeds expectations.”

Zsolt Kiss

Senior Engineer Manager

“We were able to easily deploy the BBright solution: you plug it in and it works! […] The solution fits right into our hybrid environment”

Martin Bergstrom

Technical Development Manager

“We chose the BBright Decoder because of its interoperability with different encoder brands and its capacity to decode all types of SRT streams regardless of its source”

Patrick Vautier

Technical Director