BBright Encoder

The BBright Encoder is designed to meet the most demanding needs of live contribution. Capable of encoding up to 8 streams in parallel, whether in HEVC or H264 up to 4:2:2 10bits, the BBright encoder allows you to transmit your streams in transport stream to feed a contribution network, or also natively in SRT to transport content via the open internet. Whether your streams are HD or Ultra HD, transported in SDI or 2110, the BBright Encoder will fit perfectly into your environment. Thanks to its hardware acceleration, you will benefit from a robust encoding solution capable of reaching unequaled levels of quality.

BBright Encoder Diagram

The best quality in high density

And because contribution control is essential, BBright has taken special care in the user interface to provide maximum relevant information to operators: video and audio preview, metadata status, bitrates and alarms. A robust, reliable solution, ready to meet all the challenges of the contribution.

Visuel Natation

Capable of supporting 2110 inputs, compressing them in HEVC or H264, then streaming them as TS or SRT streams, the BBright encoder is the ideal companion for your migration to an all-IP contribution workflow. And thanks to its support for Ultra HD and HDR, the BBright encoder is ready for the future evolutions of your media contributions.

Contribution Encoder presentation

Welcome to BBright Encoder presentation! Watch the video to discover the key features of our solution and how you can now combine it with our Contribution Decoder!

BBright Encoder datasheet

For further details, download the product datasheet:


SRT LogoBecause the transport of contribution streams is evolving, the BBright Encoder natively supports the SRT protocol to allow you to also benefit from transport streams over the internet. A simple and effective solution to optimize your operating costs.