More Codec support for Playout!

30 May 2018

RENNES  – France, 30th May 2018

BBright announces today to officially support Apple ProRes playback for all its player and playout solutions with (baseband) quad 3G-SDI outputs.

UHD-Play, the uncompressed source for Labs and Tests (including 1080p HFR) goes up to ProRes 4:4:4:4
UHD-24/7, linear Playout server with embedded automation and scheduler and also the newest UHD-QC versatile 4K – UHD, Full-HD video player for Quality Control application both go up to ProRes 4:2:2 HQ

BBRIGHT_news APPLE ProRes support









Come and meet with BBright at Broadcast Asia on the FRANCE Pavilion, 4F1 – 04.

Press contacts:
Laurent Appercel, +33 (0)2 99 12 17 65