Create the best quality content

Live Production!

How to create the best live quality content? Live sports, live events, and many other productions requires to maximize the quality to provide the best end user experience. However looking at all the different flavors of video formats, interfaces, HDR options, setting up a live production is still a challenge especially when you want to achieve the best quality.

BBright production solutions have been designed to be the swiss army knife for high quality live production.

– Video interfaces

Even if pure IP workflows, based on ST2110, are emerging, a lot of existing facilities or cameras are still using SDI interfaces. BBright provides configurable servers which can handle ST2110, SDI or both without using any external converters or gateway.

– High Dynamic Range

More and more live production are using High Dynamic Range, but the mix of standard (HLG, HDR10, SL-HDR1, SL-HDR2, SLOG3…) is a challenge, especially when the live production is mixing different HDR Formats. Thanks to Technicolor partnership and its I.T.M. (Intelligent Tone Mapping), BBright production servers can cross convert on the fly live inputs and files to match output HDR requirements.

BMedia Production Server

Checkout BBright BMedia Production server!

Based on a pure software based solution to provide more flexibility and future proof features, BBright BMedia production server is ready to achieve the best quality live production jobs! Checkout our product page: 

BMedia Production Server

BMedia can handle live production up to UHD, but also legacy HD or HDR 1080p productions.