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AMCNI Central & Northern Europe Headquarters in Hungary enhances video feed validation with BBright Decoder

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10 November 2023

Visuel AMC Networks BBright

AMC Networks International CNE, a leading player in the broadcasting industry, has taken a significant step in ensuring the highest quality of its video distribution feeds. Their Headquarters in Hungary (AMCNI CNE) is pleased to announce its partnership with BBright, a trusted name in broadcast technology. Media Networks as a local system integrator and BBright partner has installed BBright Multi-Channel Decoders for comprehensive video feed validation sucessfully.

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, delivering top-notch content to viewers is paramount. Ensuring that audio and subtitles are seamlessly integrated into the broadcast is a vital aspect of this process. AMCNI CNE recognizes the importance of precision in audio and subtitle validation, and the adoption of the BBright Decoder reflects its commitment to this objective.

According to Zsolt Kiss, senior engineer manager for AMCNI CNE, “We are dedicated to delivering the best possible viewing experience to our audience. Our partnership with BBright and the implementation of their Decoder underscore our commitment to quality. With BBright’s advanced technology, we can validate our distribution video feeds with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring that our viewers receive content that exceeds expectations.

We are delighted to distribute BBright solutions in Hungary. Their technical teams were able to quickly meet the expectations of our client AMC Networks, and the integration of BBright decoders was carried out without difficulty”, declares Gabor Veisz, senior sales engineer at Media Networks. 

Following the deployment of these decoders, Lénaïck Boivin, head of sales at BBright, adds “This project was an interesting challenge, with constraints specific to the distribution of streams in Eastern Europe, particularly on the subject of multilingual audio tracks and the management of several subtitles.

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