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BBright and Dolby Laboratories collaborate to upgrade UHD-Play – now featuring support for Dolby Audio streams

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06 September 2016

The new, upgraded, UHD-Play quad-link 3G-SDI output playback server is the only 4K UHD server to fully support Dolby AC-4.

BBright UHD Play Reference

BBright, the French specialists in advanced video technologies for broadcasters, network and IPTV operators, has collaborated with Dolby Laboratories, a leading global developer of audio, imaging and voice technologies for cinema, home and on the go, to develop unmatched file playback and playout from its 4K/Ultra HD servers, including Dolbys advanced audio codec, Dolby® AC-4.

The UHD-Play supports Dolby AC-4, as well as all other Dolby audio formats, including Dolby® E, Dolby Digital Plus™ and Dolby® Digital. Other developments include increasing the 3G-SDI outputs to 64 channels, which is important for advanced audio streams. This positions the UHD-Play as a unique reference source in the 4K/UHD world.

Dolby Audio™ unlocks the full potential of audio with the next-generation Dolby AC-4 format. It’s the most efficient way for your service to deliver a complete audio experience to viewers in the living room, on mobile devices, and everywhere in between. And it will change the way your viewers enjoy both today’s and tomorrow’s entertainment.

Global broadcasters are testing advanced audio solutions such as Dolby Atmos to provide their customers with next-generation entertainment experiences. To enable this push into the future of sound, broadcasters will need next generation UHD/4K servers. In collaboration with Dolby, BBright has developed an excellent solution for broadcasters, network operators and IPTV providers whose customers continue to demand the best in entertainment,” commented Mathias Bendull, vice president, broadcast consumer audio, Dolby Laboratories.

We are truly excited to collaborate with high caliber technological partners such as Dolby Laboratories in order to achieve dramatically improved, immersive Ultra HD broadcast experiences for our customers. This partnership enables the seamless delivery of next-generation audio codecs such as Dolby AC-4, providing breathtaking audio experiences and a bevy of new features,” said Guillaume Arthuis – BBright President.

Dolby first trialed the BBright UHD-Play server in 2014. The subsequent collaboration between BBright and Dolby built on first-rate capabilities that made it attractive to European broadcasters and encoder manufacturers. Dolby AC-4 is easily integrated into existing workflows, enhancing service today while preparing you for tomorrow’s advanced services. With optimized playback on devices from TVs to tablets to mobile phones, Dolby AC-4 extends your audience reach with a single audio stream.
UHD-Play will be on demonstration on the BBright booth at the IBC in Hall 2, B.39, within the FRANCE Pavilion


About Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio™ is a set of robust technologies that deliver rich, clear, powerful sound in the cinema, at home, and on the go. It makes entertainment more compelling by providing a vibrant audio experience for content that is broadcast, downloaded, streamed, played in cinemas, or enjoyed via disc.

About Dolby AC-4

A powerful new audio format in the Dolby Audio family, Dolby AC-4 addresses the current and future needs of next-generation video and audio entertainment services including broadcast and Internet streaming. The core elements of Dolby AC-4 have been standardized with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as TS 103 190 and adopted by DVB in TS 101 154, and they are ready for adoption for next-generation services and specifications. Rooted in generations of broadcast audio experience, Dolby AC-4 provides the content and device industries a strong foundation to collaboratively build leading-edge audio experiences that meet the needs of consumers.

About BBright

With expertise in compression, transmission and video processing, BBright provides high-performance solutions to TV operators, content providers and network operators. BBright products range offers advanced functionalities, an outstanding image quality and an unmatched flexibility to meet the various needs of the media industry.

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