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BBright and SGT forge strategic partnership to unveil groundbreaking Playout and Automation integration at NAB Show 2024

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04 April 2024

BBright, renowned for its excellence in advanced broadcast technology, and SGT, a leading force in automation technologies, joyfully unveil their strategic alliance  as a prime exemplar of the remarkable synergies within the entities of the Hexaglobe Group to offer the best possible integration of their solution while remaining perfectly interoperable with other manufacturers in the industry.

Scheduled to debut at the prestigious NAB Show 2024 in April, this dynamic partnership underscores a commitment to innovation, spotlighting advancements in key areas such as ST2110, HDR, and Ultra HD. By bridging BBright’s cutting-edge playout capabilities with SGT’s automation prowess, the collaboration promises to set new benchmarks in broadcast efficiency and quality.

ST2110, hailed as the gold standard for IP-based media production takes center stage in this collaboration. The combined expertise of BBright and SGT ensures broadcasters harness the full potential of ST2110, enabling agile and interoperable workflows that adapt to evolving industry demands.

The integration also addresses the burgeoning demand for Ultra HD and HDR content, empowering broadcasters to embrace the future of visual storytelling. BBright and SGT equip broadcasters with the tools to effortlessly manage and deliver stunning Ultra HD content, ensuring every frame dazzles with clarity and detail.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey alongside SGT,” remarked Guillaume Arthuis, Founder of BBright. “By combining our expertise and resources we are poised to deliver a full playout and automation integrated solution to enlarge with a smart approach the scope of our answer to our customer needs.”

Laurent Dujardin, Managing Director of SGT, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Our partnership with BBright represents a significant milestone in our commitment to driving innovation in broadcasting thanks to their expertise in new formats such as UHD HDR and 2110. Together, we are empowering broadcasters with a comprehensive solution that optimizes efficiency, maximizes quality, and will unlock new possibilities.”

The integration of BBright Playout with SGT Automation will be showcased at the NAB Show 2024. Join BBright and SGT at NAB Show 2024 to explore the future of broadcasting. Visit Booth W3135 to witness the power of innovation in action and learn how our integrated solution can propel your broadcasting capabilities to new heights.

About BBright

BBright is a global leader in next-generation video delivery solutions, with a presence in Europe and North America with leading customers. With deep expertise in video compression, transmission, and processing technologies, BBright provides high- performance solutions for TV operators, content providers, and broadcasters. The BBright product line offers advanced features, exceptional image quality, and unmatched flexibility to meet the varied needs of the media industry.

About SGT

SGT is a leader in TV playout automation & Media Asset Management (MAM) software solutions in Broadcast video Industry with VEDA Automation & VEDA Media Asset Management plateforms, and more recently with our Channel in a box solutions ELIA.