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BBright Decoder: Simplifying sports broadcasting for the road to 2024


25 June 2024

The year 2024 marks a significant milestone with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on the horizon. As one of the most watched and celebrated sporting events worldwide, broadcasters are under immense pressure to ensure seamless and high-quality coverage. Consequently, broadcast budgets are being meticulously planned and allocated to make sure technologies and financial resources align perfectly for this major event. In this context, the convergence of cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solutions is paramount, leading many broadcasters to explore new avenues such as Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) based transmission.

The rise of SRT-based transmission

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) based transmission has rapidly gained traction in the broadcast industry due to its ability to deliver high-quality, low-latency video streams over unpredictable networks, such as the public internet. SRT’s open-source nature and robust error correction capabilities make it a popular choice for contribution, remote production, and real-time monitoring applications. A significant driver of this trend is the sports industry, where many organizations are opting for SRT over traditional satellite transmission. This shift is largely motivated by budget considerations, as SRT provides a more cost-effective solution (almost) without sacrificing video quality or reliability. By leveraging the public internet for content delivery, sports broadcasters can achieve substantial savings, making high-quality sports coverage accessible to a broader audience.

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Challenges in adapting to SRT streams

However, the widespread adoption of SRT streams presents significant challenges for broadcasters and network operators. One major issue is the necessity to adapt and scale their infrastructure to accommodate a variety of SRT stream qualities. Broadcasters often receive SRT feeds with varying bitrates, resolutions, and levels of reliability, some of which may not meet the desired standards for broadcast quality. This inconsistency can strain existing decoding and processing systems, requiring substantial investment in new technology and training. Furthermore, the public internet’s inherent unpredictability exacerbates these challenges, as fluctuating network conditions can impact the stability and quality of SRT transmissions.

BBright Contribution Decoder: The optimal decoding solution

In response to these challenges, BBright Decoder has emerged as a premier solution for decoding any SRT feed. BBright Decoder is designed to handle the diverse range of SRT stream qualities, ensuring reliable and high-quality output regardless of the input feed’s condition. Its high interoperability and cutting edge features makes it a versatile and powerful tool for broadcasters and network operators. This high level of compatibility simplifies the process for broadcasters and network operators, reducing the complexity and cost associated with adapting to varying SRT stream qualities. By incorporating BBright Decoder into their workflow, broadcasters can efficiently manage SRT feeds and focus on delivering top-notch content to their audiences. This makes BBright Decoder an invaluable asset in the rapidly evolving landscape of IP-based video contribution.

The cherry on the cake: The security with BBright!

In addition to offering exceptional interoperability, the BBright decoder enables you to enhance the capabilities of SRT further. With built-in BISS-CA support, you can significantly increase the security of your SRT distribution, ensuring you maintain full control over who is authorized to receive the streams. While SRT can be secured with AES encryption and protected by a passphrase, all users share the same passphrase. By incorporating BISS-CA with SRT, you gain the ability to manage authorization in real-time, controlling the distribution of certificates and even deactivating them live during an event.


About BBright

BBright is a global leader in next-generation video delivery solutions, with a presence in Europe and North America with leading customers. With deep expertise in video compression, transmission, and processing technologies, BBright provides high- performance solutions for TV operators, content providers, and broadcasters. The BBright product line offers advanced features, exceptional image quality, and unmatched flexibility to meet the varied needs of the media industry.

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