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BBright releases HEVC-Master for post-production houses and service providers

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19 February 2016

BBright announced that it is now shipping HEVC-Master, the file to file transcoding station dedicated to Ultra HD and HEVC workflows.

HEVC-Master appliance represents the latest generation of file-to-file H.265/HEVC transcoder for professional applications such as post-production / DI, file encoding for distribution through Ultra HD linear channels and VoD services. Running on a latest generation multi-CPU platform (supplied), BBright compression engine can be pushed up-to 12-bit color depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling to support any kind of advanced HDR implementation.

BBright, as a founding member of the x265 project, has built and developed its accelerated compression engine on a robust and high-quality codec ensuring the widest decoding interoperability and the best bitrate efficiency.

Supporting HDR (firmware option), upscale, and multiple HEVC encoding flavors, HEVC-Master is an easy to use solution for customers adopting Ultra HD workflows, allowing up-conversion of existing HD SDR materials. HEVC-Master includes multi-task parallel encodings and workflow capabilities: watch folder, central storage interfacing, and API for easy integration in existing infrastructure.

HEVC-Master can also transcode into high bitrate pivot formats to fit post-production NLE workflows and facilitate Ultra HD adoption.

BBright is proud to deliver its HEVC-Master to the industry, the Swiss-army knife for post-production houses and broadcasters aiming to process and deliver Ultra HD contents”, said Guillaume Arthuis, BBright’s CEO. “Our customers can today acquire a future proof hardware & software scalable solution moving forward with the next Ultra HD standards”.

HEVC-Master will be demonstrated at BVE London, on BARNFIND booth #J01, 23-25 February 2016.

About BBright

With expertise in compression, transmission and video processing, BBright provides high-performance solutions to TV operators, content providers and network operators. BBright products range offers advanced functionalities, an outstanding image quality and an unmatched flexibility to meet the various needs of the media industry.

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