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BBright RMD: Monitor your video and audio content from everywhere!

Company news

21 September 2021


BBright is now shipping its new offer dedicated to contribution and distribution monitoring.

The RMD allows remote verification and validation of multiple transport streams, whether in HD, Full HD or Ultra HD. Capable of analysing TS over IP or DVB-ASI streams, the RMD supports decoding and analysis of most video & audio formats including UHD, HDR, HEVC, JPEG2000, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Atmos, Dolby E and AC4 as well as their metadata.

Thanks to the built-in RMD transcoder, you can access your video and audio in real time via the MPEG-DASH preview. Even your most demanding contributions (UHD HEVC up to 100 Mbps) can be previewed in real time at lower resolutions and bitrates in live streaming mode.

BBright RMD is shortlisted for the CSI Awards 2021 as Best monitoring or network management solution:

Suitable for remote production, remote service verification or R&D labs, the RMD provides a unique set of features. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact our sales teams at