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BBright RMD, the new Remote Monitoring Decoder!

Company news

24 February 2021

BBright announces the launch of its new offer dedicated to contribution and distribution monitoring. The new RMD (Remote Monitoring Decoder) allows remote verification and validation of up to 24 transport streams, whether in HD, Full HD or Ultra HD.

Capable of analyzing TS over IP or DVB-ASI streams, the RMD supports decoding and analysis of most audio formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Atmos, Dolby E and AC4 as well as their metadata. RMD provides video and audio preview through web interface.

RMD BBright

“Based on our experience in decoding contributions, we have decided to launch a new offer dedicated to remote monitoring. Our new RMD is a Swiss army knife for monitoring, capable of both analyzing a large number of HD streams, but also checking and validating UHD and HDR streams. All accessible through a simple web interface!” Says Guillaume Arthuis, CEO of BBright. This software-based monitoring solution is available in multiple configuration, either based on RMD-8 platform (up to 8 feeds) or RMD-24 platform (up to 24 feeds).

Check out BBright RMD details now.