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14 March 2023

Make ST-2110 Smart with BBright!

Hot topic: the migration to pure IP infrastructures to handle live content transport over IP! Relying on our experience with large 2110 deployments in Europe and North America to leading broadcasters since 2020, BBright is excited to announce yet more enhancements… Read more
1 December 2020

BLOG: How to easily handle live UHD events?

UltraHD events like soccer games, Formula 1 and concerts are now regularly happening and more broadcasters have started adding UltraHD content to their programming. This content ends up taking a lot more bandwidth in UltraHD compared to HD which restricts… Read more
20 April 2020

BLOG: BBright Live Content Ingest solution – Customer Use-cases

Live Ingest is a key element of broadcaster’s workflows, which provides content for NLE [Non Linear Editing], VOD [Video On Demand] platforms and archiving. While the established approach is based on baseband/SDI ingest (combining decoders and baseband/SDI recorders), there is today… Read more