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BBright Disaster Recovery Solutions – Cost effective, simple and efficient – Appliance based or Virtualized


16 February 2022

Multi-TS Cloud

Cyber attacks, hardware failures, power outages… Many critical situations can shutdown a TV channel, and many broadcasters still don’t have disaster recovery plans. BBright provides a cost effective, simple, efficient and high density solution to handle disaster recovery for broadcasters.

BBright Multi-TS is a multi-channel transport stream player, able to stream up to 50 TS channels (up to 8K). With the flexibility of our software-only approach, the Bright Multi-T’S can be deployed locally via a broadcast appliance or deployed in a cloud.

Multi-TS DR1

Transport stream files must be pre-encoded (file based encoders, or captured from live encoders), then ingested on BBright Multi-TS. A single unit can provide up to 50 independent channels, without any external live encoders. Several versions of the same channel can also be hosted (SD, HD, multiple bitrates or codecs) in case of multiple delivery platforms (terrestrial, satellite, IPTV…).

Multi-TS DR2

Transport Stream file ingest on the data/content HDD’s is typically performed via FTP transfer/NAS connection, or alternatively via an USB attached device. Multiple channel playout, file ingest and also content redundancy between Main and Back-up servers can all run in parallel. TS files can be played simply un-modified (RAW mode) or with bit rate stuffing, PID re-mapping and PCR, Continuity Counter, PTS / DTS processing. HEVC and AVC TS GOP cleaning ensure seamless transitions at playlist playback loop. Channel’s thumbnails/proxy, audio bar graphs and HDR flags provide immediate playout feedback monitoring to the operator. The scheduler option allows, by channel, a 24 – 7 playout event programmation, either by the web-based GUI or by importing channel specific traffic files (text-based, json, or xml formats). A looping playlist can also autofill the playout scheduler for a given period of time. One or several slave playout channel(s) can play in synchronization with a master channel. A specific Gbit Ethernet output card, with dual interfaces, is dedicated for low-jitter TSoIP streaming and avoids bursty packet transmission to the downstream equipment.
For more details, checkout BBright Multi-TS web page.