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More Codec support for Playout!

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30 May 2018

BBright announces today to officially support Apple ProRes playback for all its player and playout solutions with (baseband) quad 3G-SDI outputs.

UHD-Play, the uncompressed source for Labs and Tests (including 1080p HFR) goes up to ProRes 4:4:4:4
UHD-24/7, linear Playout server with embedded automation and scheduler and also the newest UHD-QC versatile 4K – UHD, Full-HD video player for Quality Control application both go up to ProRes 4:2:2 HQ.

BBRIGHT News APPLE ProRes Support

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About BBright

With expertise in compression, transmission and video processing, BBright provides high-performance solutions to TV operators, content providers and network operators. BBright products range offers advanced functionalities, an outstanding image quality and an unmatched flexibility to meet the various needs of the media industry.

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