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Sapec and Cellnex Telecom Spain increase their cooperation with the supply of a BBright playout system for Cellnex UHD broadcasts

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30 March 2022

UHD Spain

With BBright’s Multi-TS playout server for compressed video, Cellnex Telecom broadcasts 2 UHD channels over DTT in Spain.

From the beginning of 2022, Cellnex is broadcasting 2 channels in UHD – HDR and SDR – in relation with UHD-Spain association setup, using the Multi-TS playout server by BBright, French company officially represented in Spain by Sapec.

Multi-TS, is a 1 RU solution able to play up to 50 channels simultaneously. It has an integrated scheduler and playout event automation in TS format with MPEG-2/H.264 and HEVC compressions and resolutions from SD to 8K. In this application, UHD resolutions are being used.

The contents to broadcast can be stored internally on the server or externally on a NAS and are reproduced with “seamless” transitions between the broadcast contents.

Multi-TS Diagram

These 2 channels generated by Cellnex broadcast UHD content that has been provided by UHD-Spain associates, among them, the main national broadcasters who have provided their 4K content to be broadcast.

The contents provided by the partners have been encoded by Sapec. DTT Broadcasts can be received in more than 40 Spanish cities reaching a population of approximately 50%.

Cellnex, like Sapec, are 2 of the 30 founding partners of the UHD Spain organization, created with the aim of bringing together all the companies in the Spanish 4K HDR audiovisual industry to work together in the advancement and consensus of the implementation of Ultra High Definition in Spain.


SAPEC S.A is a company based in Spain with commercial offices  in Denmark and Mexico, which designs, develops and manufactures reliable  video contribution and distribution solutions  for broadcast  & telecom environments of high demand – /

About BBright

BBright develops and markets high-end Broadcast processing solutions capable of creating, transporting, and transmitting the best multimedia content: Ultra HD, HDR, NGA Audio, … BBright deploys its solutions for decoding, ingesting, playback and monitoring in leading operators: content providers, Broadcasters, OTT service providers, etc.