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Let's Play!

Do you want to play linear content only? Do you need to play live content? What kind of advanced channel branding are you looking for? Each TV channel has its own requirements. SD, HD, UHD, even 8K, BBright has developped different solutions to satisfy the most challenging TV Channels requests, from high density multi-channel compressed playout to high-end Ultra HD Channel in a Box with HDR and NGA Audio Codecs.

Be ready for full IP workflows!

All BBright playout solutions are natively ready for full IP workflows, either by supporting SMPTE 2110 up to UHD on input or output side, or by handling Transport Stream over IP. Hybrid configuration mixing legacy SDI and SMPTE 2110 IOs are also available to facilitate IP migration.

Keep Playout Simple!

If you are already using your own automation system, no need to change it! BBright playout solutions can be controlled through standard automation protocols such as VDCP or through REST API. You can also use built-in BBright automation to easily  manage 24/7 scheduling operations.


Play compressed or uncompressed?

Our Playout solutions can be either compressed or uncompressed. Let’s take a minute to understand the difference:

Compressed Playout:

BBright Multi-TS is a transport stream player outputing a MPEG2-TS over IP signal ready to go on air, without the need of a live encoder. This compressed playout matched perfectly the requirements of barker channels, disaster recovery or even any thematic channel which does not require live input or advanced channel branding. Another key advantage of this solution is also to easily and cost effectively support latest formats such a UHD or 8K. Now dozens of UHD channels are currently broadcasted worldwide from BBright compressed playout.

BBright Multi-TS is also a perfect video source for customer demo, support investigation, tradeshows and lab application.

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Uncompressed Playout:

BBright UHD-Channel is a baseband player with live input support and advanced channel branding capabilities, able to handle a large amount of media files wrappers and codecs to avoid costly and time consuming transcoding jobs. BBright UHD-Channel also supports ST2110 input and outputs, up to UHD, and can either be controlled through an external automation (VDCP / RestAPI) or through BBright built-in automation.