Multichannel Transport Stream Ingest

Markets and Use Cases

High end contribution recording Live events recording for VOD Time delay Compliance recording Broadcast Centers VOD & CatchUp TV service providers UHD & 8K special events recording  


Up to 50 simultaneous channels ingest with recording scheduler Multi-Codec support: HEVC, J2K, H264, MPEG2 Maximize video quality (no transcoding) SD / HD / UHD / 8K Internal RAID 5 Storage
General Details

UHD-TSI / Multi-TSI is a user friendly Ultra HD compressed video ingest station / recorder with monitoring capabilities for professional broadcast applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable networks operators, Telco / IPTV services and live TV channels.

UHD-TSI supports HEVC, H264, MPEG2 and J2K transport stream IP inputs, either in SD, HD, full-HD or Ultra HD and even 8K, provisionally. Video, audio and Metadata PID’s can be filtered from a MPTS for a SPTS recording.


Secured by multiple HDD drives in RAID configuration, redundant power supplies and carrier-grade built quality, the UHD-TSI can be used 24-7, with a scheduler, in any field or head-end situations either for high bit rate TS contribution recording, or as a companion to UHD-TS / Multi-TS compressed playout servers.

BBright’s advanced technology and field proven know-how enable the UHD-TSI ingest server to deliver uncompromised recording reliability for the most demanding 4K / Ultra HD live and linear workflows.

Check out our blog article about ingest to discover the advantages of BBright TS based ingest.

2020-03-24_BBright_Live Content Ingest_Use-cases_Graph#3

BBright ingest solution can either be controlled through web UI, or be fully integrated in an existing environment using its open Rest API.


Video & Audio

  • Multi-Codec support: HEVC / H264 / MPEG2 / JPEG2000
  • SD, HD, UHD & 8K
  • Up to 130 Mbps per ingest channel
  • Video thumbnails and audio bar graphs monitoring
  • 24 – 7 recording event scheduler
  • HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision / SL-HDR1&2
  • AAC, HE-AAC (v1 & v2), AAC-LC / MPEG-1 Layer II / PCM
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, Atmos, DolbyAC-4

TS processing

  • PID filtering (for video, audio, SCTE-35)
  • SPTS & MPTS support
  • Black video and silent audio TS insertion in case of input loss


  • Intuitive Web UI
  • Rest API


  • Multicast or Unicast TS over IP on dual Gb Ethernet ports
  • Redundant Transport Stream Input
  • SPTS or MPTS (PID Filtering)
  • ETR 101-290 level 1 input error monitoring
  • FEC/SMPTE 2022-1


  • Automatic transfer of recorded files to NAS (CIFS or NFS)
  • Ingest Files recorded on local storage (RAID5)
  • Older recordings purge when HDD space becomes required

Chassis & Connectivity

  • Two IP-bonded GbE ports for GUI control & Rest API
  • Two independent GbE ports for TSoIP streaming
  • Two IP-bonded GbE ports for Data out / NAS
  • Redundant power supplies
Ordering Options
Type Reference Description Compatibility
Appliances TSI_UHDTSI High bit rate HEVC Transport Stream File Ingest Station including recording event scheduler – 3TB storage- Native HDR / HD HFR. 1RU. No extra license required. X
TSI_MULTITSI_SILVER Native all  HDR format, HD HFR, up to 20 simulatenous Channel Ingest . 8TB. 1RU. X
TSI_MULTITSI_GOLD Native all  HDR format, HD HFR, up to 50 simultaneous Channel Ingest – 12TB. 2RU. X
Software Options TSI_MULTITSI_SD User-license for a single SD  channel Ingest X X
TSI_MULTITSI_HD User-license for a single HD  channel Ingest X X
TSI_MULTITSI_UHD User-license for a single UHD channel Ingest X X
TSI_MULTITSI_8K User-license for a single 8K  channel Ingest X X
TSI_MULTITSI_SCH20 For multiple channels: Daily, weekly, monthly schedulers on GUI for Multi-TS playout server. External text-based traffic record lists import. up to 20  Ingest channels X X
TSI_MULTITSI_SCH50 For multiple channels: Daily, weekly, monthly schedulers on GUI for Multi-TS playout server. External text-based traffic record lists import. up to 50  Ingest channels  X X