Media Player / Channel in a Box

Markets and Use Cases

Playout Center Headend Baseband Ingest High Density Record & Play UHD Pop Up Channels 1080p HDR Channels  


Multi Codec File Player, up to UHD Live Baseband Input Live Record (XAVC) SDI and SMPTE2110 support SDR HDR Live Conversion Logo & Keyer Builtin & ExternalAutomation Local Storage
General Details

BBright Integrated Playout is a software-based media platform designed to address high-end ingest, playout and channel applications, up to Ultra HD. Based on BBright’s legacy of ease of operation, intuitive GUI design, cost effective Ultra HD solution, BBright Integrated Playout will change the perception typically associated to UHD complexity. BBright Integrated Playout is designed to support either legacy SDI or ST-2110 IOs, but also transport stream over IP inputs to offer a maximum of flexibility. BBright Integrated Playout can either process 4 HD or 1 Ultra HD Channel.


BBright Integrated Playout adds workflow flexibility for interfacing with an external automation, logo insertion, various HDR video format ingest & playout and signalization, advert replacement. With the integration of Technicolor ITM (Intelligent Tone Management), the video engine allows live SDR < > HDR conversions for baseband input, media files and inserted graphics.Technicolor ITM640pix

BBright Integrated Playout secured solution delivers the expected reliability and availability in any conditions for 24-7 continuous Ultra HD playout or live production.

BBright’s advanced software-based processing enables the daily delivery of pristine video and audio quality for the most demanding Ultra HD workflows and channels.

UHD-Channel GUI capture (1)



  • Multi-Codec support: XAVC / HEVC / J2K / H264 / MPEG2 / ProRes
  • Wrapper: mxf, mp4, TS, mov
  • HD, HD 1080p HDR & UHD HDR support
  • 720p/1080i @ 50/59.94fps
  • 1080p @ 50/59.94fps
  • 2160p @ 50/59.94fps


  • Up to 16 Audio Channels
  • AAC/HE-AAC/MPEG1 LayerII decoding
  • Dolby DD / DD+ / DD+JOC / E decoding


  • HLG / HDR10 / SL-HDR1 / SL-HDR2
  • Technicolor ITM SDR / HDR live conversion


  • 4 layers, still logos (.png, .tga, .tiff, .gif, .flv, .targa, .html5
  • Built-in UHD Keyer

Ancillary data

  • TimeCode
  • OP47 / CC608 / CC708 input and output
  • SPMTE 436 Ancillary data


  • SDI up to 4 HD / 1 UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to 4 HD / 1 UHD (25Gb NIC)


  • SDI up to UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to UHD (25Gb NIC)
  • Genlock (SDI) & PTP Support (2110)


  • 4xHD or 1xUHD live record (XAVC)
  • 8x Audio channels
  • Ancillarydata recordedas SMPTE 436


  • Web UI
  • VDCP
  • Dynamic playlist
  • RestAPI
  • Built-in Automation

Internal Storage

  • Up to 8 x 1TB in Raid 5
  • Ingestfromexternal NAS or FTP


  • 1 RU Chassis, up to 7TB Raid 5 Storage
  • 2 RU Chassis, up to 13TB Raid 5 Storage
  • Redundantpower supplies (hot swappable)
Ordering Options
Type Reference Description Compatibility
Appliances UHC UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / HEVC / AVC, 1RU (up to 3 IO options), 7TB of Raid5 Storage X
UHC_REC UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / HEVC / AVC, 1RU (up to 3 IO options), 7TB of Raid5 Storage. XAVC Record capable X
Hardware Options UHC_4x3GSDI 4x3GSDI input or output option X X
UHC_4x3GSDI_KEYER 4x3GSDI input/output option with builtin keyer – Easy integration with third party channel branding system (HD or UHD) X X
UHC_8x3GSDI 8x3GSDI input or output option X X
UHC_2110 SMPTE 2110 Dual SFP 25Gbits/s option (up to 2 UHD in / 2 UHD out) X X
Software Options UHC_HD Support video up to HD (720p/1080i) SDR X X
UHC_HD+ Support video up to HD (1080p) HDR X X
UHC_UHD Support video up to UHD HDR / 4 HD+ X X
UHC_VDCP VDCP Slave Option (RS422+IP) X X
UHC_PLAYLIST Dynamic playlist control X X
UHC_AUTOMATION Built-in automation for stand-alone automation X X
UHC_REC_B_IN Live Baseband Ingest/record option (1 UHD/4 HD). XAVC X
UHC_LIVE_B_IN Live baseband input option (1 UHD/4 HD) X X
UHC_DOLBY_AUDIO Dolby DD / DD+ / Atmos / E / AC4 decoding option X X
UHC_LOGO Logo insertion – Up to four layers of logo X X
UHC_UPSCALE HD to UHD upscaling X X
UHC_HDRCONV_TECH Live SDR/HDR or HDR/SDR cross conversion X X