Media Player / Channel in a Box

Markets and Use Cases

Playout Center Headend Baseband Ingest High Density Record & Play UHD Pop Up Channels 1080p HDR Channels  


Multi Codec File Player, up to UHD Live Baseband Input Live Record (XAVC) SDI and SMPTE2110 support SDR HDR Live Conversion Logo & Keyer Builtin & ExternalAutomation Local Storage
General Details

UHD-Channel is a software-based media platform designed to address high-end ingest, playout and channel applications, up to Ultra HD. Based on BBright’s legacy of ease of operation, intuitive GUI design, cost effective Ultra HD solution, UHD-Channel will change the perception typically associated to UHD complexity. UHD-Channel is designed to support either legacy SDI or ST-2110 IOs, but also transport stream over IP inputs to offer a maximum of flexibility. UHD-Channel can either process 4 HD or 1 Ultra HD Channel.


UHD-Channel adds workflow flexibility for interfacing with an external automation, logo insertion, various HDR video format ingest & playout and signalization, advert replacement. With the integration of Technicolor ITM (Intelligent Tone Management), the video engine allows live SDR < > HDR conversions for baseband input, media files and inserted graphics.
Technicolor ITM640pix

UHD-Channel secured solution delivers the expected reliability and availability in any conditions for 24-7 continuous Ultra HD playout or live production.

BBright’s advanced software-based processing enables the daily delivery of pristine video and audio quality for the most demanding Ultra HD workflows and channels.

UHD-Channel GUI capture (1)



  • Multi-Codec support: XAVC / HEVC / J2K / H264 / MPEG2 / ProRes
  • Wrapper: mxf, mp4, TS, mov
  • HD, HD 1080p HDR & UHD HDR support
  • 720p/1080i @ 50/59.94fps
  • 1080p @ 50/59.94fps
  • 2160p @ 50/59.94fps


  • Up to 16 Audio Channels
  • AAC/HE-AAC/MPEG1 LayerII decoding
  • Dolby DD / DD+ / DD+JOC / E decoding


  • HLG / HDR10 / SL-HDR1 / SL-HDR2
  • Technicolor ITM SDR / HDR live conversion


  • 4 layers, still logos (.png, .tga, .tiff, .gif, .flv, .targa, .html5
  • Built-in UHD Keyer

Ancillary data

  • TimeCode
  • OP47 / CC608 / CC708 input and output
  • SPMTE 436 Ancillary data


  • SDI up to 4 HD / 1 UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to 4 HD / 1 UHD (25Gb NIC)


  • SDI up to UHD (Quad 3G-SDI)
  • SMPTE 2110 (-20/-30/-31/-40) up to UHD (25Gb NIC)
  • Genlock (SDI) & PTP Support (2110)


  • 4xHD or 1xUHD live record (XAVC)
  • 8x Audio channels
  • Ancillarydata recordedas SMPTE 436


  • Web UI
  • VDCP
  • Dynamic playlist
  • RestAPI
  • Built-in Automation

Internal Storage

  • Up to 8 x 1TB in Raid 5
  • Ingestfromexternal NAS or FTP


  • 1 RU Chassis, up to 7TB Raid 5 Storage
  • 2 RU Chassis, up to 13TB Raid 5 Storage
  • Redundantpower supplies (hot swappable)
Ordering Options
Type Reference Description Compatibility
Appliances UHC UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / HEVC / AVC, 1RU (up to 3 IO options), 7TB of Raid5 Storage X
UHC_REC UHD Media Server, Support for XAVC / HEVC / AVC, 1RU (up to 3 IO options), 7TB of Raid5 Storage. XAVC Record capable X
Hardware Options UHC_4x3GSDI 4x3GSDI input or output option X X
UHC_4x3GSDI_KEYER 4x3GSDI input/output option with builtin keyer – Easy integration with third party channel branding system (HD or UHD) X X
UHC_8x3GSDI 8x3GSDI input or output option X X
UHC_2110 SMPTE 2110 Dual SFP 25Gbits/s option (up to 2 UHD in / 2 UHD out) X X
Software Options UHC_HD Support video up to HD (720p/1080i) SDR X X
UHC_HD+ Support video up to HD (1080p) HDR X X
UHC_UHD Support video up to UHD HDR / 4 HD+ X X
UHC_VDCP VDCP Slave Option (RS422+IP) X X
UHC_PLAYLIST Dynamic playlist control X X
UHC_AUTOMATION Built-in automation for stand-alone automation X X
UHC_REC_B_IN Live Baseband Ingest/record option (1 UHD/4 HD). XAVC X
UHC_LIVE_B_IN Live baseband input option (1 UHD/4 HD) X X
UHC_DOLBY_AUDIO Dolby DD / DD+ / Atmos / E / AC4 decoding option X X
UHC_LOGO Logo insertion – Up to four layers of logo X X
UHC_UPSCALE HD to UHD upscaling X X
UHC_HDRCONV_TECH Live SDR/HDR or HDR/SDR cross conversion X X