UHD-TS Multi-TS Compressed Transport Stream playout for final delivery

General Details
BBright UHD-TS and Multi-TS appliances are perfect software-based solutions to operate one or multiple linear channel(s) from Ultra HD resolution down to HD and SD.

Reliable 24 – 7 operation is ensured by a redundant 1 + 1 server configuration, with automatic Content recopy from the Main unit to the Back-up unit. Synchronous playout is ensured by the NTP synchronization of the two servers.

Optional embedded playout automation is driven by the ingest of external traffic playlists (text-based, or json, or xml supported formats).

Remote operation can be performed simply by connecting to the Web GUI for playout set-up and control.

Noteby adding an UHD-TSI companion BBright product, a complete ingest and replay solution can easily be implemented in video head-ends.

BBright_Multi-TS_Remotely operated linear multichannel TS playout workflow