Multichannel J2K / HEVC / AVC Decoder

Markets and Use Cases

High Bitrate Contribution High End Monitoring HDR and Advanced Audio validation Broadcast Centers Large Video Infrastuctures OB Truck    


Versatile contribution and monitoring decoder supporting HEVC/H264/MPEG2 and JPEG2000 Up to 8 HD Channels or 2 Ultra HD Channels per decoder Multi format outputs with SMPTE 2110 / SDI / HDMI Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision compatible Low power (less than 25W per channel)
General Details
UHD-Decode is a universal (HEVC / H264 / MPEG2 / J2K) multichannel contribution and monitoring decoder designed for professional Broadcast applications such as for satellite, terrestrial, cable, OTT operators and IPTV networks.
UHD-Decode supports HEVC (up to 160mbps), J2K (up to 400mbps), H264 and mpeg2 transport stream input over IP. Video, Audio and Metadatas are output over SMPTE-2110, quad 3G-SDI links, 12G-SDI, or HDMI 2.0b.


This software-based decoder, with adjustable latency, can be used in any live conditions either for sport events contribution and for various 24-7 broadcast monitoring applications. Multiple HD, high bit rate HEVC & AVC streams and Dolby(TM) AC-3, EAC-3, ATMOS, AC-4 audio streams are supported.


  • Multi-Codec support: HEVC / H264 / MPEG2 / JPEG2000
  • HEVC/H264/MPEG2 up to 160 Mbps
  • JPEG2000 Up to 400 Mbps (VSF-TR01)
  • 4:2:0 / 4:2:2, Up to 10bits
  • Up to 8 HD channels (multi codecs)
  • 50 / 59.94 fps


  • Up to 16 Audio Channels
  • AAC/HE-AAC/MPEG1 LayerII decoding
  • Dolby DD / DD+ / DD+JOC / E / AC4 passthrough
  • Dolby DD / DD+ / DD+JOC / E / AC4 decoding


  • HLG / HDR10
  • Dolby Vision
  • HDR -> SDR tone mapping for monitoring


  • CC 608 / 708 passthrough or burnt into video
  • DVB subtitles & teletext passthrough or burnt into video


  • Multicast or Unicast TS over IP on dual Gb Ethernet ports
  • SPTS or MPTS (PID Filtering)
  • Input scan
  • ETR 101-290 level 1 input error monitoring
  • FEC/SMPTE 2022-1
  • Rist & SRT support
  • BISS Decryption (Up to BISS-CA)


  • Up to 8x HD Channels (1080p) / 2x UHD / 1x 8K
  • UHD over Quad 3G-SDI / 12G-SDI / SMPTE 2110 / HDMI 2.0b
  • Genlock (SDI) & PTP Support (2110)


  • Intuitive Web UI
  • Rest API


  • 1 RU Chassis
  • 437 mm x 610 mm x 43 mm
  • Redundant power supplies (hot swappable)
Ordering Options
Type Reference Description Compatibility
Appliances DEC_UHD_DECODE UHD-Decode 1xUHD / 4xHD decoding platform. HEVC/AVC. 1RU. X
DEC_UHD_DECODE_2CH UHD-Decode 2xUHD / 8xHD decoding platform. HEVC/AVC. 1RU. X
DEC_UHD_DECODE_8K UHD-Decode 8K decoding platform. HEVC/AVC. 1RU. X
Hardware Options DEC_4X3GSDI 4x3GSDI output option X
DEC_8X3GSDI 8x3GSDI output option X
DEC_4x12GSDI 4x12GSDI output option X
DEC_12GSDI_HDMI 12GSDI + HDMI 2.0b output option  X
DEC_2110 SMPTE 2110 Dual SFP 25Gbits output option X X
Software Options DEC_FEC FEC support / SMPTE 2022-1 X X X
DEC_ZIXI Support for ZIXI input protocol X X X
DEC_RIST_SRT Support for RIST/SRT input protocol  X X X
DEC_DOLBY_AUDIO Dolby DD / DD+ / Atmos / E / AC4 decoding option X X X
DEC_J2K Support JPG2000 decoding X X X
DEC_BISS BISS 1, 2, E, CA support  X X X